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The Spirit Wind

Pentecost Sunday (wear red!) celebrates the Person and Power of the Holy Spirit.  One book says the Spirit is like the wind that fills the billows of your life’s sails.  My neighbor thinks of the Holy Spirit as the One who greets her when she walks into the...

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Community of Practice

The best place to learn how to love well is in Christian community – yes, the church.  Intentional Christian community is always imperfect and is always facing their own imperfection to love everyone, always.  Know a church that isn’t doing that?  I’d question if it was an actual Christian community. 

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The Opposite of Love isn’t Hate: It’s Fear

What are you afraid of? Afraid of God’s judgment? You made that up. God LOVES you, so there is nothing to fear.  That’s literally the Good News of the Gospel.  Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re unwelcome in God’s arms.  Afraid of facing your own brokenness? Afraid of people?  Fear is cast out by love. Love always wins.  That’s the secret juice.

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Love is a multi-Tool

Love is like a multi-tool. Romans 12 provides a list of the tools, and we can learn the habits of deep love with intention and prayer.

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Loving People Jesus-Style

Look for opportunities to be life-giving and leave an impression of God’s love. Oh, and treat yourself with a good dose of love too!

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