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Soul Care: Celebrating Sabbath (Lent)

Full Schedule for Lent: Depending on which congregations you’ve ever been in, you may or may not associate self care with the word Sabbath.  Soul care is more appropriate, and even that term doesn’t capture it. Sabbath is about...

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Mark Shares His Photo Album

The Gospel of Mark is the shortest Gospel, mainly because of his lack of description. This makes the story clip along at a faster pace. He also uses the word, "immediately" often, which makes the reader not want to put it down. It's like the author is showing many...

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Weaving Grief & Joy

Weaving Grief & Joy Talking to GriefAh, grief, I should not treat youlike a homeless dogwho comes to the back doorfor a crust, for a meatless bone.I should trust you. I should coax youinto the house and give youyour own corner,a worn mat to lie on,your own water...

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Advent: Away in a Manger Sermon Series

Mary, Joseph, The Angels, The Shepherds, The Animals, and Jesus...Explore how each of these "characters" in the story of Jesus' birth have so much more to tell. Nativity of Christ - artwork from the Orthodox Church "St. Cyril and Methodius", Slivnitsa, Bulgaria. Away...

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Gratitude and Generosity

Three-part series... When the Wine Runs Out - Gratitude Part 1 Gratitude & Generosity Part 2 Gratitude & Generosity Part 3

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