The Spirit Wind

Pentecost Sunday (wear red!) celebrates the Person and Power of the Holy Spirit.  One book says the Spirit is like the wind that fills the billows of your life’s sails.  My neighbor thinks of the Holy Spirit as the One who greets her when she walks into the church. A psychologist friend senses the Spirit in the yearning of married clients, being bravely vulnerable to “make it work.”  A singer says he sees the Spirit like God’s fingerprints, in the elegance of the gazelle, the humorous gait of the warthog.  A friend says her life in the Spirit was awakened when she learned to be very still before God, and another said it is pain and suffering that have led him to know why the ancients called Holy Spirit the Comforter and Advocate. “Energy,“ energy in a person, an encounter, a meeting or a surgery waiting room.  “Patient Teacher,” always drawing me to love more generously.  Fire-like, wind-like, powerful and unpredictable; big enough to hold the misery and ecstasy of one day on the planet.

The Spirit Wind…Pentecost Sunday 2022