Soul Care: Celebrating Sabbath (Lent)

Full Schedule for Lent:

Depending on which congregations you’ve ever been in, you may or may not associate self care with the word Sabbath.  Soul care is more appropriate, and even that term doesn’t capture it. Sabbath is about being whole. Whole as a person, as a community, and as the world in creation.  

This Lent season we are journeying with First Presbyterian Church of Matawan (FPCM) as we develop skills of getting outside our walls. We will share worship, Bible study and more.  We will create community, as Jesus did. 

Cease your work and other responsibilities to make time for this — sacred time of rest and celebration, community and wholeness. Those who come in person Sunday will walk the indoor labyrinth together — a soul care practice we offer to our neighborhood during the weeks of Lent.

Week 1: Celebrating Sabbath
Week 2: Sabbath as Celebration and Delight
Week 3: Soul Care – Sabbath v. Servitude
Week 4: Soul Care: Sabbath v. Serender
Week 5: Soul Care: Sabbath and Community
Week 6: Palm/Passion Sunday – Pilgrimage
Easter Sunday: Raised with Christ! He is Risen Indeed!