Mark Shares His Photo Album

Photo of a photo album with black and white photos strewn in the background.

The Gospel of Mark is the shortest Gospel, mainly because of his lack of description. This makes the story clip along at a faster pace. He also uses the word, “immediately” often, which makes the reader not want to put it down. It’s like the author is showing many snapshots of the life of Jesus.

This Sunday in 20 verses we will hear
Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist,
he was tempted by Satan,
he announced the Kingdom of God
and called his first disciples. 

Mark Shares His Photo Album – Part 1

We continue a series on the book of Mark this Sunday, looking at three snapshots of Jesus healing. He heals a man with an “unclean spirit,” the mother-in-law of the disciple Peter, and then a man with leprosy.  These are the first three healings mentioned in Mark, and they point to the wonder of what God is doing in Christ — then, and now. 

Mark Shares His Photo Album – Part 2

This Sunday we look at the next 21 verses of Mark where1, Jesus heals a paralytic; 2, is criticized for eating with the wrong kind of people; and 3, is questioned on why his disciples aren’t like others. Lessons that apply to our lives today. Give a listen:

Mark Shares His Photo Album – Part 3

Our reading Sunday is from the 4th chapter of Mark.  This is the chapter where we start to hear specific sayings and parables of Jesus.  You will hear the “secretive” Jesus reserving full explanations of his parables to his disciples.  You will also hear Jesus using agricultural images to speak of what the Kingdom of God is like. 

Mark Shares His Photo Album – Part 4

This Sunday our series on Mark ends at the pivotal moment when Peter states Jesus is the messiah, Jesus predicts his own death and resurrection, and three disciples see a strange vision referred to as the Transfiguration.

Mark Shares His Photo Album – Part 5