Dealing with Inner Demons

“What’s your name,” Jesus asked. “Legion,” he replied, as he had many demons.

We’ve all got them. Those parts of ourselves that make us (and those who have to be near us) miserable.

Here’s the secret: befriend your monsters and demons.

Narya Blackfyre, 2014

Befriend your Inner Demon

Defeating the monster or casting out the demon may be the result, but it’s not the method, exactly. The method is to face our demons and befriend our monsters — the hurts, wounds, fears, angers and grief we carry are not our enemies. They are a part of who we are, and ALL of our parts need to be respected, listened to, and tended to with compassion. That’s all. It turns out that the very thing that good friendships need is what we need in our relationship with ourselves.

That’s why, when he met a man that many demons, Jesus asked his name. He got to the heart of the person –which our name represents.